YES! You Do Need A Website………don’t go it alone!


The time has come to join the rest of the world and get your business on the internet. You must know by now that the majority of people who need to find a service go to the internet to find

  • Phone numbers
  • Company information
  • Comparison shopping

All done on the internet and if your not listed and your competitor is and has a dynamic website, your competitor gets the business not you. Your spending money on print ads and that ad may cause a potential client to try to check you out on the net. Well, if they can’t find you they most likely will find your competitor instead, therefore your print ad is working for someone else. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

Amazingly so, there are many companies still operating their business without a website.  When they can’t find customers anymore these companies then go out of business.  Some try to make a website on their own.  Do-it-yourself websites look amateur and are rarely advertised or even found at all.  The online make your own site using some template software takes many many many hours to create and never look professional and are not set up properly to  list you in the first 10 on a Google search.  So what good would that site be?   A poorly designed website will do nothing for you  but waist your time while you try to tinker around with software only to cause your potential customer to use the more professional company who hired a professional. 

ASK yourself some questions

If the majority of people use the internet to find a company, and information on a company, and you are no where to be found, are they going to use your company? NO, resulting in lost business.

Do you have the time, and I mean allot of time, to spend learning software, graphic design, type setting, search engine knowledge and money to waste on learning how to set up a website?  Figure out what you make an hour at your regular job and how much that site is really costing you to set up.  Should you make a website yourself?  Of course not said the wise man.

Don’t you want your clients to know your company is run professionally and have the credibility you’ve worked so hard for and deserve? Or do you want them to know your really a one man show who even has to set up his own website? I don’t think so.

Money Money Money

Yes it is the driving factor behind getting your website up and running.  Your not alone and we all want to save money but don’t let your neighbors friends sister who dates a guy who can put together a quickie site cheap do this for you.  Your website is the window to your company and this window should not be left in the hands of a wanna-be web designer.  Your clients first look into your business is your website and a effective website design is essential to drawing new business.  A professional web designer will know how to create an effective website and has the know how to get your site to work for you.  If you are looking to save a few bucks, your website is not the place to start.

GOING Live on the Internet

Once your site is created and “live” on the internet, there is nothing else you have to do.  Right?  WRONG.  Just because your site looks pretty doesn’t mean the business will come.  Your website is an intricate part of your business that needs to be marketed in many ways.  It needs to be updated regularly for search engines to keep you in the ranks.  Links to and from your website are necessary along with the ability to provide valuable information to the visitor.  A must is to have the ability to collect your visitors information such as name and phone number providing you with valuable leads.

All you need to do is email us a brief description of what you would like your site to look like and we will draft up an example for free.  Yes FREE!  If you like it then we will proceed from there.  What do you have to loose?  Contact Ricoche

Don’t loose valuable business anymore!  Contact Ricoche and find out how to get started with a professional website today.

YOUR Company Identity…………how important is it?

You have your company name and now your done.  OH NO YOUR NOT.  Potential customers need to remember your name when it’s time to do business.  Not easy for most so you need to give them a little help especially with so many similar names.  Distance yourself from the rest with an unforgettable logo.  And don’t forget to create a simple but identifiable tagline and of course get started with a professional website.

Contact Ricoche to obtain your logo along with your website and get on the internet today.